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The Australia and New Zealand Electrotechnology Training Alliance

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Position Statements

The formation of the Australian and New Zealand Electrotechnology Training Alliance (ANZETA) is for the purpose of combining Group Training Organisations (GTOs) and/or Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) in a collective voice so as to work together as a better alternative to ‘all others’. The collective group will work to set a standard of excellence built on the combined resources each organisation has.

Working as a collective group, ANZETA aims to create a sustainable industry environment for the industry they serve. The group looks to ensure communication, cooperation and collaboration is in the interests of improving their business operations – collectively forming a voice to provide leadership and lobby for change that will lead to better training outcomes. ANZETA will achieve this vision through the provision of the highest quality service encouraged through:

• compliance with National Group Training Standards

• compliance with the Australian Skills Quality Authority Standards 

• compliance with all relevant legislation (i.e. licensing, regulation)

• embracing quality principles

• focusing on continuous improvement in all business activities

• improving Workplace Health and Safety culture and meeting regulatory requirements 

• exceeding customer expectations

• developing position statements on key issues that set ANZETA apart from other GTOs, direct indenture employers and RTOs.


ANZETA organisations have established the following set of principles to assist in achieving its vision:

• make decisions in the best interest of improving members’ organisational performance

• actively seek opportunities for mutual prosperity

• work collectively where the organisations can add value or create greater influence in doing so

• trust, respect and support each other

• encourage innovative thinking

• share resources and information as far as is practicable

• encourage open, honest and timely sharing of information.